I Don’t Know If I Can Do This

I don't remember the last time that I went to bed and slept straight through the night. It seems like a LONG DISTANT MEMORY. You know those memories that are so distant you can barely remember them? That's the kind I'm referring to. My newborn hasn't slept in a week and my three year old… Continue reading I Don’t Know If I Can Do This


I Like Big Buffets and I Cannot Lie

So I have been a little absent this past week. I have had my hands full with my three little ones and I'm trying to get my house in order BUT I got this gorgeous buffet from a little resale shop outside of my neighborhood and I had to paint it this week.¬†Painting is therapy… Continue reading I Like Big Buffets and I Cannot Lie

Thrift Store Makeover

The other day I read an article about ten things to buy at a thrift store for yourself. It was a really good list. Let me see if I remember it. Old Dishes Throw Pillows Brass Decor Baskets Shirts Mirrors Books Furniture Lamps Antique Blankets I read this article and then I went straight to… Continue reading Thrift Store Makeover

Stunning General Finishes Makeover

Right outside of my neighborhood is an awesome little resale shop that always has antique furniture for a fair price. I was in there last week and I found this adorable little server table. It was made out of Maple and was¬†just really cute! As soon as I saw it I knew that I had… Continue reading Stunning General Finishes Makeover

Spring Bouquet For $5

If any of you are like me you LOVE flowers but in case you haven't noticed they are extremely expensive, even if you make them yourself. BUT If you have a Dollar Tree near you, you can make these super cute bouquets for $5 a piece. Go to Dollar Tree and scope out their flower… Continue reading Spring Bouquet For $5

Top Five Valentine’s Day wishes of A Stay At Home Mom.

Before I had kids Valentine's Day held limitless possibilities for me and my man! Whether it was dinner and a movie, or bowling all night long we could do it! We had a freedom that I don't think either of us realized we were going to lose once the babies started coming. Here are the top five Valentine's… Continue reading Top Five Valentine’s Day wishes of A Stay At Home Mom.

“Great Balls of Fire!”Everyone NEEDS me.

I have watched the film "Gone With the Wind" a total of about 5 times. Anyone who has seen that movie knows that it's about ten thousand hours long so I don't know how I have watched it five times. It's like a great book. You can read it and re-read it and never grow… Continue reading “Great Balls of Fire!”Everyone NEEDS me.