Thrift Store Makeover

The other day I read an article about ten things to buy at a thrift store for yourself. It was a really good list. Let me see if I remember it.

  1. Old Dishes
  2. Throw Pillows
  3. Brass Decor
  4. Baskets
  5. Shirts
  6. Mirrors
  7. Books
  8. Furniture
  9. Lamps
  10. Antique Blankets

I read this article and then I went straight to Goodwill to see if I could find anything worth sharing with you guys in a blog post and I did! I was a little wary of buying Pillows and blankets. I didn’t find any blankets but the pillow that I did find looked and smelled clean and when I got home I immediately put it in the dryer on high heat. I found almost everything on the list. The only things I didn’t find were blankets, lamps. baskets, and old books.

The first thing I found were some antique looking shelves. I’m fixing to redo my kitchen in  grays and white so I could picture these in my kitchen when it’s done.

Looks like an old Corbel to me


This is actually a shelf that’s upside down

I just took them outside and painted them with some gray chalk spray paint and then went over it with a light white and distressed them.


The second thing I found was a brass bird. I loved the original brass but my husband wasn’t a fan so I painted it white.



Then I found a mirror. Someone had tried to paint it already but it looked terrible so I redid it.

The mirror was painted white before
I painted it to match the other items that I found

I also found this really cute throw pillow for my bedroom.


Then I found some really cute pitchers. They needed some paint though. I’m not a huge fan of duck decor.



Then I saved the best for last. I found this really awesome antique meat grinder. It is going to look so good in my kitchen once I am done with it. It’s totally rustic and farmhouse.


I spent a total of $20 dollars at the Goodwill shopping for things for my home and I would say that for what I found you can’t beat that! I got a lot of bang for my buck. If you get inspired by this post and decide to try your hand at thrift store shopping please let us know! I would love to see what kind of transformations that you can do! You can share them with us at



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