Stunning General Finishes Makeover

Right outside of my neighborhood is an awesome little resale shop that always has antique furniture for a fair price. I was in there last week and I found this adorable little server table. It was made out of Maple and was just really cute! As soon as I saw it I knew that I had to paint it in “General Finishes Persian Blue” milk paint. I contacted the company and asked them if they would consider sending me some samples of their products so that I could make a review video for all of you who follow my blog. They were so awesome!  They sent me THREE of their best products!

On this particular piece I did not sand. I usually sand down the glossy finish on all of my pieces but I wanted to heavily distress this piece and it is much easier to do so if it is not sanded. General Finishes recommends that you always sand down when using their products. You can find the recommendations on how to use these products on the  General Finishes Website . If you would like to try General Finishes products you can find a Retailer near you on their website as well. I use General Finishes milk paint on about 99% of my projects. I have tried so many of the different milk paints and chalk style paints and I just haven’t found one that can compete with the quality of General finishes.  NO! They are not paying me anything to say that. It’s just my favorite personal brand. I hope you enjoy watching the video and seeing the stunning end result of this little server! If you’re interested in getting a paint sprayer HomeRight has amazing paint sprayers. I loved mine and I absolutely recommend it! It saved me so much time and it is  compatible with milk paint.



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