Spring Bouquet For $5

If any of you are like me you LOVE flowers but in case you haven’t noticed they are extremely expensive, even if you make them yourself. BUT If you have a Dollar Tree near you, you can make these super cute bouquets for $5 a piece.

  1. Go to Dollar Tree and scope out their flower section. They have a bunch for $1 a stem and there are usually 4-5 flowers on each one. I picked four stems for each bouquet.
  2. Pick your favorite shaped vases. (color doesn’t matter because you are going to spray paint  them)
  3. Find some burlap ribbon. It’s usually on the same aisle as the flowers.
  4. If you don’t already have a hot glue gun that will cost you extra but I already had one as well as the hot glue sticks.
  5. I also already had spray paint but you can pick that up at Walmart for less than $4 and one can will spray all of your vases.
I used a gray chalk spray paint and a satin white
All of the flowers and the burlap ribbon
The different vases
  • First you need to spray paint your vases. I took them outside and turned them upside down and then just lightly sprayed several coats over the entire vase.
  • Once the Vase is dry figure out how you want your burlap wrapped around it. Cut it to size and hot glue it together.
  • Then arrange your flowers inside the vase.
  • dollar7
    This is the first one I did.
    I ended up feeling like the burlap needed something a little extra so I tied a jute ribbon around the burlap.

    And there you are! Three bouquets for $15. How awesome is that!? If you try this at home send us some of your pictures! We would love to see what kind of arrangements that you come up with.

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