Top Five Valentine’s Day wishes of A Stay At Home Mom.

Before I had kids Valentine’s Day held limitless possibilities for me and my man! Whether it was dinner and a movie, or bowling all night long we could do it! We had a freedom that I don’t think either of us realized we were going to lose once the babies started coming. Here are the top five Valentine’s day celebrations I would LOVE to have this year! I’m probably just dreaming but these are some sweet dreams!

  • Dropping the kids off at the nearest baby sitter and SLEEPING in our king size bed for eight straight hours without any children piling on top of us!
  • Talking with my husband over a HOT meal and not having a million interruptions in between sentences.
  • Watching a television show together that is not in the kids section of NETFLIX.
  • Sleeping. Did I already mention that one? Yeah that’s the dream right now.
  • Chocolate! You can’t have Valentine’s Day without chocolate. Except I’d like to enjoy my chocolate without hiding from tiny people in the closet.


I probably won’t get any of these Valentine’s celebrations this year but a girl can dream. One day I will have my husband all to myself and I will miss my babies being babies. It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are in the hustle and bustle that is life with little kids, but it’s there! So until you can have him all to yourself again, just wrap your arms around him and plant a big fat kiss on his lips while all of your little ones run around your legs in circles yelling “ew”. If you don’t have the ideal Valentine’s Day this year love your man any way you can. I’ll probably be making another cheesy home  made gift like I have been making for the last three years. It really is not the gift or the date that matters the most it is the love that you and your man share together in this crazy life. Those little humans are a product of all the love you and your man share so don’t be annoyed that you can’t be alone this year or for the next few years for that matter. Embrace the present life and love all of your crazy people and do what you can to make Valentine’s Day special, even if that means hiding in the closet, eating chocolate together!





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