“Great Balls of Fire!”Everyone NEEDS me.

I have watched the film “Gone With the Wind” a total of about 5 times. Anyone who has seen that movie knows that it’s about ten thousand hours long so I don’t know how I have watched it five times. It’s like a great book. You can read it and re-read it and never grow tired of it. I have always LOVED Scarlett! She was so gorgeous but She was also the biggest brat I have ever seen. She was so selfish and in the end her selfishness left her miserable and alone.

At the beginning of the film you are introduced to her at a party in this amazing, huge dress and she’s flirting with everyone there. Her true “crush” however is this scrawny, ugly behind guy named Ashley. I don’t and never really have understood her obsession with this guy but He ends up marrying another girl and leaves Scarlett alone with her obsession of him.

Isn’t that dress something else!?

Then there is Rhett. The man that is in love with Scarlet. I will never stop asking the question, “Why doesn’t she fall in love with him?”. He’s charming, handsome, and he wants to take care of her every want and desire. She never sees that however because she is always obsessed with the idea of being in love with Ashley. He is the perfect man in her eyes.

Compared to Ashley…I mean, say what???

Gone With The Wind
He totally loves her

He lets her get away with anything!
When I watched this as a teenager I admired a lot of things about Scarlett. She was a fiery little thing and she always seemed to get what she wanted! She constantly overcame horrible things and came out on top. You watch her go from a little Southern Belle to this gorgeous successful women. I love that. But now that I watch this as an adult I see so many flaws that I can learn from. She has one main goal and all of her little successes are to achieve that one goal. She sacrifices everything that matters to get that one goal (Ugly guy Ashley)  only to lose everything, including Ashley. She realizes in the end that what she wanted most wasn’t “Ashley” at all it was Rhett, but it was too late.

Accomplishing your dreams is never worth sacrificing relationships! Your relationship with your husband, children and friends matter. Too often I find myself so enveloped in my dreams and aspirations that I lose sight of the man that is trying to love me, and the kids that desire my affection. Achieving every goal that I have at their expense is absolutely, 100% not worth it! I often find myself screaming “Great Balls of Fire” at the ones that I love because I’m engrossed in a project and it feels like EVERYONE needs something from me. Do you ever feel like you are so drained because everyone needs you? I find myself there a lot now that I have three kids under four. Someone ALWAYS needs something to eat, drink and a poop diaper changed. The house ALWAYS needs to be cleaned. My husband ALWAYS needs Candice time and I ALWAYS need Candice time.When everyone NEEDS Candice time you get stretched pretty thin.  I am not organized in any fashion so balancing starting a business and family life has been a struggle. It’s  hard to find a happy medium. I think once my newborn starts sleeping it will be a little easier, but for now I don’t have energy to do a lot of things until about noon.(After ten cups of coffee are in my system) Here are some things that have helped me and they may help you too  with this thing called life.

  1. Get up and get awake. If exercising gets you awake do some exercise. If a cup of coffee (or ten) gets you awake, drink  coffee.
  2. Set some goals for the day. The days that I get the most accomplished I get up and write some things down that I want to get done that day.
  3. Spend some time with your kids. I don’t mean just taking care of their needs. Take 30 minutes a day and just play with them, or read a book to them.
  4. Go to sleep as soon as your kids go down. You need sleep to function and too often I find myself wanting some “me” time so bad that I stay up until midnight and then I’m so tired the next day  I can’t get anything done.
  5. Pick up the living room. You’ll feel better even if that’s the only thing you touch all day.
  6. Set boundaries. (I need more) Only spend a set amount of time a day on your “business” whatever that may be and don’t go over it.
  7. Get out and spend some time with your friends even if it’s just a coffee every now and then. You need to talk to people who are older than four sometimes. As an introvert I have to make myself do this one but it’s soooo good for me. It always makes me feel better.
  8. Don’t get down. We are in a crazy stage of life. Kids are little and life seems overwhelming but it is just a stage. As much as we hate hearing it we will miss this when it’s over.
  9. PRAY! I can’t express this one enough. The only thing that will help you be the wife, mother and person that God intends you to be is with his help. It takes some supernatural help from God to be what we need to be for everyone in our lives.
  10. Repeat number one. You can’t do the rest without nailing number one! I’m going to go get some more coffee!

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