Getting a Makeover

Last night as I scrolled through Facebook I had a memory pop up. Don’t you just love when Facebook allows you to see posts from ten years ago? Usually I love those pop ups but for some reason this particular pop up made me sad.


It was from a time in my life where I was a very insecure and hurting person. Without going into detail these were memories that I have hidden away and tucked so deep inside that I have to dig to really find them. Just looking at the pictures made my heart feel pain and I quickly shut off the screen and went and did something to take my mind off of it. BUT after waking up this morning I saw my IPad sitting on the desk and I couldn’t help but think about the memories and the dark places in my life. Then like some sort of miracle, a peace and a sense of gratefulness came over me. God had a reason for those things that took place in my life, even if that purpose was to allow me to see how truly blessed I am with the life I am now living. Had things worked out differently my life would be a disaster. God has taken me, a broken, damaged little girl, and  placed me in the arms of a man that has loved me and brought healing to my brokenness. A man that I never would have met if I hadn’t gone through those dark places. He placed children in my arms that have chiseled away the selfishness that was deep inside of me and brought me true joy. God allowed hurt in my life to change me and mold me into a different person. He allowed me to experience some things that I can’t explain but I know that I wouldn’t change it. If I changed anything I know without a doubt that I would not have the life that I have and I love my life. I love my husband, I love my babies, and I love who he is making me. He is making me better and my children and husband deserve better.

If there’s things in your past that make you feel hurt and sad just know that God uses brokenness and he uses the hard things in life to make us better. Just accept the hurt and move forward.It’s very freeing to accept the hard things and move forward knowing that God is working in our lives. So when those “pop ups” come into your feed and they send little pangs through your heart try to be thankful. Thankfulness makes the hurt go away.

1 Peter 5:10 

10 And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

So, I gave this little table a makeover last night. It kind of reminds me of what I just wrote about. I completely made this little table over and it wasn’t pretty but the end result is worth the hard work and the ugly stages it had to go through to get there.

I sanded it down on the top and the drawer after taking that hideous material off  and then I painted it in linen chalk paint. It took two coats and some spots needed touched up with a third where the green was still peaking through. Then I modgepodged old antique hymn pages from a 1895 hymnal onto the top and onto the drawer. My tutorial for that can be found here ModgePodge. Then I glazed it and distressed it heavily. Last but not least I added a newer handle and I’m in LOVE with this little thing. I may or may not give it to my friend! Just kidding.


Isn’t she pretty???
I LOVE the new hardware!
Super distressed and glazed!
Fanny Crosby hymn on the front
Pure perfection!




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