Little Girl Dreams

Sometimes I don’t feel like I should be an adult. Time is flying by so quickly. I used to think that someone who was 30 was ancient. I’m now 28 and I’m wondering how in the world I ever thought that someone my age was old! As a little girl I used to dream about the life that I have now, A handsome husband, cute babies and my own cute little house But with those dreams I got some things that I didn’t know I was bargaining for. With a handsome husband comes a man who is …well a “man”. He has weaknesses just as I do and learning to live with another person is hard work. He has habits that drive me absolutely bonkers! With cute babies comes LOTS of sleepless nights, LOTS of crying, a coffee addiction, and well LOTS of Paw Patrol marathons. With my own cute little house comes floors to vacuum, dishes to wash, laundry to fold and what seems to be an endless list of chores that I can never finish. My little girl dreams have unfolded in unexpected ways but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The LOVE that I always dreamed about has far exceeded my expectations. The man that leaves a million coke cans on his desk is also the man that holds me in the middle of the night after I trip on a basketball and face plant into the carpet on my way to get what feels like the 30th bottle for my newborn.(Yes you can laugh)  The crying babies that keep me up all through the night also make me laugh and feel a love that I didn’t know existed. They keep me in awe of how amazing tiny people are and I can’t believe they are mine. As for the house and the endless chores, well it has become our home. Is it messy A LOT? Yes it is, but it is our home and it is where we do life together. So, Although my dreams had some unexpected twists and turns, those wonderful little girl dreams turned out to be an even sweeter “big girl” reality. It’s easy to forget about our childhood dreams as adults and become bogged down in the reality that is adulthood but I want to challenge you to look at the positive things in your life. Maybe you will realize that you have way more than you could have dreamed of as a kid. The glass is either half full or half empty. How you choose to look at it is the difference between true happiness and misery. I want to choose happiness. It’s not always easy but I am determined. Are you?

This last weeks project was a beautiful bedroom set from the 1920’s. It absolutely made me think of a little girls dream bedroom so I painted it pink and it turned out stunning!

Isn’t she so gorgeous!?


I LOVE the details.


Adorable little armoire.


The look of the original wood is stunning. It’s in almost perfect condition.
Isn’t this so dreamy?
Look at the woodwork.
These rollers are wooden. I didn’t even know that was possible.

For the paint I picked a “blush pink” By Rustoleum. It was a chalk style paint and it was pretty thick. Overall I liked it but it is not something that I would use all of the time. I still prefer milk paint over chalk style paint.


I started this project while two of the three kids were sleeping. My oldest son Andy was outside with me eating strawberries and playing on the porch. He wanted me to take a picture of his funny face and I couldn’t resist.

The first coat went on and it worked pretty well. I ended up only having to put two coats of paint on.


Can you see how well it covered in one coat?
I loved distressing this piece.


Those awesome wooden wheels
Hobby Lobby knobs are awesome


Perfect for a little girl.


I painted the armoire second and I LOVE it!




The last thing I painted was the amazing full size bed.


After I painted these pieces  I didn’t want to do a brown glaze because I loved the tone of pink. So I found a lime wash glaze from Valspar that  I had used once before. The result was great. It makes furniture have a weathered look and because it was white it didn’t darken my pink.


I also distressed all the pieces. After I distressed I applied some gold gilding wax to all of the detailed areas to give it a little more pop. You just apply it with your finger tip like finger paint. I get mine from amazon. They have lots of colors but I gold is my favorite.



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