Vanity of Vanities

Since I can remember I have LOVED anything and everything that was old. I grew up collecting vintage costume jewels and jewelry boxes. I would watch all the old Hollywood films and gawk at all of the glamorous women with their fur coats, expensive gowns and glistening jewels. There was just something about the vintage world that captivated me and it still does. Which is another reason I LOVE vintage furniture.

Rhinestones are one of my favorite costume jewels
I had this exact jewelry box in my collection



She is ALWAYS glamorous

As women I know that we all enjoy beautiful things. We also like to look and feel beautiful. Now that I have three kids I don’t always feel beautiful. I have extremely dark circles under my eyes, I have a little more love on my love handles than I would like to and those awesome things called stretch marks are pretty much everywhere. BUT  since I became a mother I have become a different women. Being a mother doesn’t just stretch your body, it stretches your mind and your spirit. You learn how to love another human being and it’s unlike any love you have ever experienced. You learn what it means to be selfless and to sacrifice for someone else.Now I may not feel as beautiful as I once did but I know that God is working in me to become beautiful on the inside and that my fellow mama’s is all that really matters. So the next time that you look in the mirror and you look a little more like Medusa than Marilyn remember your families don’t see what you look like in the morning. They see how you treat them.

1 Peter 3:4

“but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.”


Now, I worked on a project this week and I would like to share it with you guys! I found a Vintage Vanity at a thrift store and the finished product is AMAZING! And yes, this project is what inspired the title of this blog post.

Naked vanity
Isn’t this such a cute mirror!?
Yes. I always  paint barefooted.
I am a messy painter!
Showing off my dark circles. (Yes, I have makeup on)


Second coat of paint


This mirror is just gorgeous!
Getting things done with kids
Playing with sticks and leaves
Being cute
Enjoying the sunshine while mommy paints
Glazing the finished paint job. To learn how to glaze check out my tutorial here: Glazing tutorial
Gorgeous knobs make everything better! I got these at Hobby Lobby.I also distressed this piece.


Reupholstering the little vanity stool.
Putting fur on with a staple gun. I cut the fur to size and just pulled and stapled.
finished seat.
Finished stool! I spray painted the bottom with Rustoleum hammered. I ended up changing the fur to a darker brown because the white was too white to go with my vanity.

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