Trying to be a Lucy

I Love Lucy” has always been one of my absolute favorite TV shows. I have binge watched  it more times than I can count. It was filmed during an era of perfect housewives running perfect homes while looking freakishly perfect doing  it. Lucy is an exception to the rule. She always tries her best to be the “perfect” wife but always gets herself into some sticky situations in the process. Maybe that’s why I love her so much. She reminds me  of myself. She has dreams of being a great wife, and mother but she always ends up achieving those things by being her goofy imperfect self. For example: the one time she was trying to save money by buying a “side” of beef to get it at a cheaper rate. For anyone who does not know, that is 200 lbs of beef. Lucy had no idea how much beef she was purchasing and when it arrives she kind of goes into freak out mode. She tries to hide it from Ricky (her husband) by buying a freezer and ends up getting locked inside for several hours. Talk about saving money! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attempted to save money and ended up “buying a freezer”.


Trying to save money…again.


Ruining Ricky’s shirt
Ball & Aranz In 'I Love Lucy'
I make this face a lot

Another reason I love her so much is because in the midst of being a wife and a mother she is constantly chasing her dreams of being in show business and meeting famous people. Most of the time there is absolutely no one in her corner believing in her but she could care less! She is determined to achieve what she KNOWS she can achieve, whether or not anyone believes in her. She never uses conventional methods to get what she wants either. In one of  her most famous episodes, she wants to be in a commercial on Ricky’s television show. Long story short she ends up telling the girl, who has actually already been picked for the part, that she is no longer needed. She then goes to the studio and pretends to be the actress that was hired.(You can see how that turned out for her here. Vitameatavegimen Drunk )

I share all of that to simply say, that while we may not live in an era where there is an expectation to be dressed for a cocktail party while vacuuming, there is a sub-conscious expectation for you to be that perfect Pinterest mom. The mom who entertains her children 24/7 and miraculously finds time to have a spotless house, a manicure, and a successful run from home business in those 24 hours.  You CAN spend time with your kids, clean your house, and have a successful at home side job, BUT not all at the same time! Sometimes you have to use unconventional methods. Find what works for you and your family and go for it!

Here are some tips that help me stay on track to being a wife, mother and a chaser of dreams.

  • EMBRACE the CRAZY – life as a stay at home mom is crazy. Especially when kids are little.
  • ACCEPT that your house will sometimes be a disaster.
  • BREATHE – Take a deep breath and give your babies some love.
  • UNDERSTAND that you are NOT perfect.
  • PRAY- Sometimes the only thing that gets me through the day is praying. Praying that I’ll make it through the day and praying that tomorrow I’ll do a better job.
  • KNOW – Know that you are loved, Imperfections and all!


Ricky LOVED Lucy





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