“To Live a Creative Life We Must Lose Our Fear of Being Wrong” 

These are my very first projects. Some from dumpster diving and some from offer up. I didn’t pay more than $10 dollars per item when I first started. Just to make sure I made a profit.

In the early stages of me experimenting with furniture flipping I did a lot of different things. Some things worked and some didn’t. That peacock blue chair for instance, it ended up in The garbage because it was stiff as a board when I finished painting it. Those stenciled bird tables I ended up giving away and the lime green round table I actually used in my own house for a year! The gorgeous antique coffee table was my biggest profit maker. I paid ten dollars for it and sold it for $200. That was the first of many adrenaline rushes for me.

I had to go through a lot of trial and errors before I figured out what sold and what didn’t. I found that the more creative and bold my pieces were the longer it took to sell. Not all people like color. (Bless their hearts)

After about six months of flipping and selling furniture a good friend told me about an awesome local store that was accepting vendors. Long story short it worked out for me to try something bigger than what I was doing.

The ladies at this store were absolutely amazing! They have been in the furniture flipping business for a lot longer than me and run a successful business. They taught me so much! They taught me new techniques and introduced me to new types of paints and were just over all huge examples to me in how to be successful in their store.I was so nervous venturing into the next step of this business but I was so glad when I did.

Don’t be afraid to dream and put your creativity out there for the world to see. You will be surprised at how much people will like your style on things. Take every opportunity you can to learn. Look up diy videos on different paints and different techniques. Experiment and find what you like the best and go with it. When I first started I used cheap chalk paint from the wal mart craft section. As I’ve come along I have found that my favorite paint is General Finishes milk paint. It is amazing. I also use glaze on most of my projects now as well. If you follow my Facebook page I’ll be adding a glaze tutorial in the next few weeks. AntiquerevivalCo

Here are some pictures of some pieces that I did when I was a vendor.


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