The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started!

When I first started trying to flip furniture I had no idea what I was doing. I never watched a video and I just kind of winged it. After I tackled my first project (the dining room table that I talked about in my last post) I was very motivated to flip more! I was kind of addicted. I started getting on offer up all of the time and I was also guilty of dumpster diving my neighborhood almost EVERYDAY! It was a little bit ridiculous but my neighbors have a tendency of throwing away awesome stuff so who could blame me, right?

One night on the way home from church I made my drive around my neighborhood and came across an awesome vintage desk. The only problem was that: for one, I drive a mini van and  I couldn’t pick it up and load it alone. I had to ask my husband to help me. So we loaded up in the truck when it got dark (he was embarrassed) and we went and picked up this old, beat up and extremely heavy desk. I was so excited! As soon as we got home I began thinking about the color I wanted to paint it. The next day I couldn’t get to Hobby Lobby fast enough. I picked a taupe/gray chalk spray paint that I liked and I bought a stencil. I also had the idea of painting the inside of the drawers a different color that popped so I bought some awesome peacock blue chalk paint for the inside of my drawers.

The first step I did with my desk was clean it. This thing was disgusting. I’m pretty sure it had been in a garage full of cats because there was so much hair. I had to use a shop vac to get it all out and then I just used some hot soap and water to scrub it down. I then  spent a few hours sanding the mess out of this desk. (I didn’t know that I didn’t have to sand when using chalk paint)

The desk after I sanded it
The drawers after sanding

I then Spray painted the desk and the drawers and waited for it to dry.


Then I distressed the whole thing lightly and took my drawers inside so that I could paint the inside with the gorgeous peacock blue paint.


After I let everything dry I stenciled the bottom drawers and the top of the desk. I also spray painted the original hardware a darker gray color and painted the stencil to match the hardware. I then moved it inside my house, took pictures and posted it online to try to sell it.


I posted it for sale for $250 and ended up selling it for $200. I only had about $30-$40 invested with all the paint and stencils so that was a huge profit for me. To say I was beyond ecstatic is an understatement. My husband was a little proud too! He didn’t mind my dumpster diving so much now.

During those first few projects I was really stressed when it came to the paint job and having to have everything just right but now that I have been doing it awhile I realized that everything doesn’t have to be perfect. A project isn’t ruined from one drip of paint that dried. I also gained more and more confidence the more things that I sold. They didn’t always sell right away either so if you try a project and it hasn’t sold in two weeks don’t freak out! It can take some time. Now go out there and find someone else’s trash and make it your treasure! You just might get addicted!


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