Life of a Stay at Home Creative

I have three kids under four. A 3 year old boy, Andy, a two year old boy, Max and a seven week old baby girl, Belle. To say my life is extremely crazy would be putting it mildly BUT we survive the insanity. My days consist of changing diapers, vacuuming the never ending supply of cheerios out of every nook and cranny and well…keeping tiny humans alive one day at a time.

As a mom with a creative personality my thoughts are constantly all over the place. I’m always thinking of ways to help my family financially BUT I want to do it doing the things I enjoy and love. I started painting furniture about two years ago and found that I absolutely love it! The thrill of taking an old piece of “junk” and actually making it look great is a pretty awesome feeling. Especially when it’s good enough that other people are willing to pay money for it. I love painting furniture but as much as I love it the best part is that I get to stay at home with my babies. So if you’re a creative stay at home mom looking for something to do on the side I absolutely encourage you to give an old piece of furniture some love and see what happens. You may just find your niche. I know I did.

If you think you might want to try it YouTube is a great resource for “how to” videos. I unfortunately didn’t discover this until after my first project and it took me probably a lot longer than it should have. Also try to look for some creative entrepreneurs on Facebook such as Rethunk Junk and Jennifer Allwood. They are constantly doing live “diy” videos and can be a great resource when you’re just starting out.

You can find all kinds of furniture on letgo, offer up and five miles which is where I currently get most of my pieces. However, truth be told, my first few projects were from pieces I found on the curb for free. The very first piece of furniture I transformed was a vintage dining room table with six chairs. It was hideous but I had a vision and I tackled it. It took me three months but the end result was amazing!

Now you may ask how in the world I find time to paint furniture with three kids. Well, for me, painting while kids are sleeping is a great de-stresser! Although, I admit to having attempted to do it in between taking care of my littles. ( Warning – do not try at home. Results could be disastrous!) I’ll be uploading some “how to” videos on my Facebook page in the upcoming weeks. If you’d like to follow my page the link is AntiqueRevivalCo

Pictures of my first project pictured below.

The table top before I sanded it and stained it.
The bottom of the table pre paint.
Finished base
The hideous chair that wreaks of the 60’s
A side by side of the finished chairs vs. the unfinished chairs
The completed table on the show room floor.

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